Steve E. Hill
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Steve Hill & Jerry Oksman
" I've always wanted one of Steve's knives, but could never decide on an exact style or materials or just which way I wanted to go with it. We sat down at dinner and over good food and drink thrashed it out. I got a beautiful piece. Amazing materials and awesome fit and finish. A Damascus bowie blade (the shape if not the size picked out of a historic bowie book) ridiculously sharp too. Steve's classic skull and bones button for the switch mechanism within a Damascus bolster. Stacked bones file work on the backside of the jeweled titanium liner lock and the most gorgeous mastodon ivory, whites with blues, greens and browns that I and many others have ever seen before. Working out the order with Steve and finalizing the design concept and all the add ons (like the sapphire set into the release button) was easy and a lot of fun too. I even got a great leather sheath for my knife (slight tilt horizontal draw by my request) also made by Steve. I have shown that piece to various friends (many of whom are knifemakers and dealers) and was told that it may be some of Steve's best work, worth much more than I paid for it and it has a place of pride within my collection."

Steven Tyler & Steve Hill
Steven Tyler's
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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Steve Hill

Harry Parenteau & Steve Hill

Steve Hill & Bill Francis

Me & Ernie Emerson
New York show '08
My knife and guitar companiero

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